Relax fra mari e monti, quiete e cucina tradizionale

Tourist Itineraries

If you have chosen to be independent on your travelling and to rent your own car, the touristic itineraries can be tailor-made depending on your preference: from walks on the mountains Mediterranean Vegetations to the marvellous Sardinian beaches. For those who love water sports here we are never out of wind, it is a paradise if you wish to practice windsurfing, kite surfing, wind skating and sailing.

The Agricantus is only 15 minutes from Cagliari, near the S.Gilla Naturalistic Oasi where the Flamingo nest, it is only 15 minutes to Chia Beach , few minutes from Capoterra Mountains and 10 minutes from Nora the Punic and Roman archaeological site, “someone claims it is the old Atlantis”.

And also trekking by waking or riding an horse through the paths to discover the natural Oasis where leave animals like the Sardinian deer and pink flamingos.  The Sulcis W.W.F. park with its 68,868 ectars, is located on the south west of Sardinia, and occupies a big portion of the mountains between the Cixerry vally in the north, the flat of Villaperuccio, Giba and Narcao on the West, the Capoterra flat, Villa San Pietro, and at east Pula, S. Margherita, Teulada golf up till Chia baia in the South.



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